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MiniCM7-2.1.9 for the x10mini

Default [ROM] MiniCM7-2.1.9 [11/2/12]Gingerbread 2.3.7/CM7.2 unofficial port for the x10mini

Visit Project's page @ google code

MiniCM7 is part of the FreeXperia project

Sources are at my GitHub

This ROM is for the X10mini -- NOT the PRO

MiniCM7 is custom-built, based on CyanogenMod 7, running Android Gingerbread on top of the nAa kernel.

  • The MiniCM7 and OrangeHaze themes are is made exclusively for the MiniCM7 ROMs. They are not to be used with other ROMs, so DON'T rip them
  • To cookers: If you use parts or all of this ROM for your custom cooks, please reference this thread
  • To everyone: Please don't mirror this ROM
  • MiniCM7 is built for X10mini. It is a stable and the most feature-complete Gingerbread ROM perfect for day to day use
  • This is a team work by DaRk_dOg and me
  • For Troubleshooting common issues visit:

FAQs (Many thanks to matmutant)

If you have a question, please READ THIS before posting and also use the SEARCH button at the top right ->

Before posting an issue wipe (factory reset) via CWM at least once.

  • Everything

  • Built for LDPI
  • MiniCM Update notifications via c2dm (CM Settings -> System -> Update notifications)
  • App2sd / Dalvik2sd compatible with 2.1 app2sd (storing to ext2/3/4 pre-existing partition is detected and mounted as such)
  • Gingerbread's native App2sd (storing to fat)
  • In kernel ClockworkMod recovery v5.0.2.3 and option to reboot into Recovery
  • Modular Undervolting and Overclocking handled CM Settings menu (by default none is active)
  • Extra CM Performance Settings menu for SD Read Cache Speed
  • Extra CM Settings display menu for Ultra brightness
  • Smooth 2D scrolling in menus
  • Fake Dual touch in kernel
  • Mddi lag fix in kernel
  • Native Wifi Hotspot
  • Native USB tethering
  • Flashlight toggle from lockscreen
  • Most of the core components are built from sources

Bugs: (Please use the project's tracker for reporting bugs. Please file them properly following the template or they will be discarded.)


  • Download the from the release link that follows
  • Backup your /data contents: contacts, apps, sms, etc. or backup via recovery
  • Move the to the root folder of your sdcard. Download the suggested Google Apps for CM7 from here (check if you want to experiment with other gapps versions)
  • Unlock your bootloader, if you haven't already. Check for a nice tutorial
  • Flash the nAa kernel using Flashtool. To to this:
    - Turn off your phone
    - Start the Flashtool\X10FlashTool.exe and select Flash. Then select the E10_nAaxxx kernel firmware (this flashes both the kernel.sin and the loader.sin)
    - Keep the back button pressed while connecting the usb cable. Flashtool should detect your phone and flash the kernel.
    - Once done, disconnect the usb cable and power on the phone.
  • Once the logo appears, press the back button repeatedly to enter CWM.
    - Select 'backup and restore -> Backup'
    - Select 'wipe data/factory reset' (RECOMMENDED)
    - Flash the To do this, Select 'install zip from sdcard -> choose zip from sdcard' and select the
    - Flash gapps
  • Reboot (first boot will take ~2 mins)
  • Once your device has booted, you can navigate to CM Settings -> System -> Update notifications and select 'Register'. This way you can get update notifications on new versions of MiniCM7!
Please make sure you followed the above steps before reporting any issues, especially 'wipe data/factory reset'

Downloads: do NOT mirror


Additional comments:
  • (NOTE: With the nAa kernel/CWM, multiboot/encryption is NOT yet supported)
  • If you would like to multiboot this ROM from the SD card, use the attached Don't flash this normally!!! Instead use the multiboot menu of the CWM recovery to flash it.
  • Do NOT report any issues regarding multiboot or encryption on this thread or on the issue tracker. Instead, use the multiboot or the encryption thread.

If you are enjoying my work please consider donating: .
Donations are voluntary but allow me to spend more time on this project.

As a token of my appreciation towards people that have donated for MiniCM, and due to the continuous testing needs of this ROM which is difficult for me to cover daily, I decided to give them a chance to pick up and test new development versions of MiniCM7 starting from 2.0.7. This should allow catching up bugs sooner and hopefully before the actual release which is used by a wide community already.

Obviously, when the build is stable, it will be released on the MiniCM google project page and at xda for everyone to use freely as usual. Not all bugs will be fixed by this process, but it should help making each release build more stable.

I can't be held responsible if this ROM bricks your device or makes it explode in your hands! Use it at your own risk!

- 11/2/12 MiniCM7 2.1.9 build
- 28/1/12 MiniCM7 2.1.8 build
- 21/1/12 MiniCM7 2.1.7 build
- 17/12/11 MiniCM7 2.1.6 build
- 26/11/11 MiniCM7 2.1.5 build
- 8/11/11 MiniCM7 2.1.4 build
- 15/10/11 MiniCM7 2.1.3 build
- 5/10/11 MiniCM7 2.1.2 build
- 16/9/11 MiniCM7 2.1.1 build
- 15/9/11 MiniCM7 2.1.0 build
- 28/8/11 MiniCM7 2.0.7 build
- 16/8/11 MiniCM7 2.0.6 build
- 3/8/11 MiniCM7 2.0.5 build
- 31/7/11 MiniCM7 2.0.4 build
- 28/6/11 MiniCM7 2.0.3 build
- 14/6/11
- 8/6/11 MiniCM7 2.0.2 build
- 1/6/11 CWM Recovery
- 25/5/11 MiniCM7 2.0.1 build
- 8/5/11 MiniCM7 2.0.0 build

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Team FreeXperia

.::nAa-kernel for x10mini::. .::nAa-kernel for X8::.

.::Multiboot for the mini::. .::Multiboot for the N1::.

.::Encrypt yout personal data::.
.::CWM recovery for stock X10mini/X8::.

.::MiniCM7 for x10mini::. .::MiniCM7 for X8::. .::MiniCM6::.

.::Stock Kernel modules for Xperias::. .::Sources @ github::.


  1. The Download doesn't work 403 Forbidden -.-

  2. phone wont turn on with inserted sim. Any solutions??